Independent outlook /// The Karma Party ‘Dark Matters’ [EP]

The Karma Party

We don’t choose times when to live. However, we do choose our attitude towards everything that’s going on in our lifetime. The Karma Party have no wish to put up with hard times and voice their active social position fearlessly with the help of music – a rebellious mingle of electronics, punk and dubstep that sounds just as sharp as their lyrics. The band’s debut EP ‘Dark Matters’ says it all: start a riot!

‘Dark Matters’ comprises five fiery tracks with punk basis and heavy electronic adornment, that blends in The Karma Party - Dark Matters EP - coverorganically into the punkish soundscape. With proper and wise usage of electronics The Karma Party add a distinct mark to their sound pushing the whole sound a leap further in the acuteness of angles. Fresh, metallic, sci-fi sound appears perfectly underground and pointwise anthemic with both complementing each other perfectly well. Crafted with great precision, ‘Dark Matters’ appears as if to be cut out with the help of penetrating laser to achieve burning, cutting edges, to avoid everything unnecessary. Tight and methodic assault of guitars wrapped up in electronics moves steadily through all the five tracks switching swiftly in registers without losing even a tiny bit of its fervour. From explosive ‘This Is Britain’ to absolutely furious ‘Collapse’ the record takes listeners further on to steady, chanting ‘Push Forward’, tones down to a rather melodious affair of ‘They Tell Me’ and concludes the riot with ‘The Opposition’. Pushy sound backs up
The Karma Party’s call for action expressed in sarcastic, cynical, outspoken lyrics that urge everybody to stand up and think for themselves. And above all, performed in abrupt, impassioned vocals the message can easily stir a desirable inner reaction rather easily.

The Karma Party are the voice of the generation, while ‘Dark Matters’ is their manifesto of social freedom and some really good music. It’s time to stand up and be counted.


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