Rock classics /// Pink Floyd ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’


Great albums are timeless. They are this special type of records that stand the test of time and remain relevant even decades after their release. It’s absolutely no doubt that ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd is from exactly this privileged lot of records. In March 2013 ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ celebrates its 40th anniversary. However, the amounts of love this record keeps on receiving are still absolutely huge.

‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ has been named amongst the best rock records, certified amongst the best-selling albums and called one of the most popular and favourite rock records – all these go with a tag ‘of all times’, but these are just numbers as the true greatness of the album lies in its terrific sound that still stirs imagination of lovers of good music all over the world.

The album was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The usage of rather advanced for that time technologies allowed Pink Floyd to be very flexible while working and very creative too. The addition of saxophone, prominent synthesisers and sounds of various unusual objects to a traditional set of rock instrumentation took their creativity to an absolutely new level. In various interviews the band members said that they felt very inspired and open during that period in their career. Having the same goal, looking in one directions and not accepting any meetings halfway also added up a lot to the success of the creative process. The result? A true pink-floyd-the-dark-sidemasterpiece.

Psychedelic, unearthly sound aiming at space rock adorned with noises of money falling, heartbeat, demonic laughter, passionate female vocals or expressive saxophone to name a few provides a perfect soundscape for eternally relevant topics of greed, consumerism, depression, mental problems, fear of flying and passage of time – all these representing the darker side of life and mind the title of the record hints at. The songs flaw seamlessly into each other just in the same way life events do, thus referring to various stages in human’s lives. Rich in sound and instrumentation, as well as concept and wit, ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ manages to embrace mainstream and at the same time progressive directions remaining magnetic for wider audiences and preserving a special underground feel that makes ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ a truly precious listen. This music has a strong visual touch to it together with expressively theatrical moments, however not deprived of emotional heart-gripping and breathtaking moments.

‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ is more than just a great album – it’s a music legend that has unrivalled levels of creativity, talent and mastery of performance. Having all these, the record might as well celebrate its 100th anniversary with similar success and on the equally huge scale.


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