Face to face with Forever After.

Forever After

Forever After have been around for a bit more than a year, but have already created such a buzz around themselves, that usually takes ages to stir. But these musicians have a secret rulebook of buzz creation alongside some really tight, energetic tunes. Forever After’s lead singer and guitarist Dom Littler  says it all.

– Forever After’s EP ‘Wilderness’ is out! Congrats! How have these busy release times been for you?

– Stressful, Getting all the artwork and tracks back in time for the release was a nightmare, but we got there, and it was worth the stress.

– What sticker would you glue to a hard copy of ‘Wilderness’ to draw people to it in a shop?

– A picture of us naked in a nunnery.

– The cover of the EP looks really wild! How did the idea for it appear? Is there any connection between the cover art and the music art inside?

– We wanted something really cool and original, Our Guitarist Sam’s Girlfriends Mum (Confusing I know) drew it for us! The only connection between the cover art and the music is that we sound like wild beasts in the wilderness. HA

– Forever After have been around since 2012. What’s your secret to creating so much buzz in such a short period of time?

– Be passionate about what you do and don’t give up. Build a strong relationship with your fans and they will stick with you. Get out there, play any show you can get, talk to people and just be friendly.

– What’s your craziest music memory so far?

– We played a show in Harlow and a guy trapped a nerve in his back during our set and Had to be rushed to hospital. We all felt pretty bad for him! (He was fine!)

– Music is meant to stir various feelings and emotions in listeners. What kind of feelings/emotions do you aim at stirring with your music?

– Making people want to say F**K you to their job and all the people who put them down.

– What’s your music background?

– Our music background is really open, we all listen to artists like Otis Reeding to bands like Slayer! Our main influences are bands like ‘Lower Than Atlantis’, ‘Deaf Havana’ ‘Incubus’ ‘Foo Fighters’ ‘The Story So far’ etc.

– What are your other interests outside music?

– We all enjoy just hanging out, drinking beer, watching WWE, stupid films and playing FIFA! – Lads init!

 – If you could choose to be a character in a book, who would you choose to be and why?

– Sam-wise Gamgee, from The Lord of the Rings. He is such a true friend to Frodo and an overall gentleman!

 – What’s the best thing about being a musician?

– Hanging out with my 3 best friends and seeing people enjoy your music!


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