Face to face with The Relics.

The Relics

The Relics were born in 2010 out of the ashes of other bands and after several line-up toss and turns, the band raised their heads in full power. Soon after The Relics were playing as many shows around Liverpool as possible. Now the band are recording material for their album and continue touring extensively. The Relics’s drummer and founding member Ian Evans talks to Rock Britain about music, the band and many other things.

– What have The Relics been up to lately?

– Towards the end of 2012 we were really busy gigging so this year we decided to focus on recording. Mainly because we wanted to get the live set down while it was still fresh, but also so we could have something to promote at the gigs, so over the last couple of months we have been in the studio recording tracks for our debut album.
Playing live is still where it is at for The Relics though and our next live appearance is at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention on the 4th May. We are also playing two sets in one night at The Cavern as part of the IPO Music Festival on the 14th May. Incidentally we confirmed today that we will be playing the counterpart IPO Festival in Los Angeles next summer so that should be really interesting.

– How would you introduce The Relics’ music to somebody who’s never heard of you?

– That’s always a difficult question to answer but, to put it simply, we’re a guitar band. There’s a definite Neil Young and Crazy Horse influence, and also a little bit of the Grateful Dead in the harmonies. I’m a huge AC/DC fan so obviously that influences the rhythm section. We play melodic rock and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel; if you like artists like Neil Young, Oasis, AC/DC, REM, The Who then you should like our stuff

– In May you’re playing at IPO festival at The Cavern. How are you going to impress the audience with your performance?

– We’re not really a band that sets out to impress the audience to be honest; guitar pyrotechnics and fancy light shows really aren’t our cup of tea. For us it’s all about the songs, and really the songs should be enough. Any decent live band worth its salt should be able to just turn up and play. In my opinion bands like Muse and U2, who take three days to set up a stage, are doing something wrong. For us it’s about doing everything we can to put the songs across with as few distractions as possible. If we do that, we’ve done our job.
– What does it feel like to play at the venue with such a legendary background?

– The Cavern is known the world over and as such we are really happy to be playing there. Of course the original Cavern was knocked down years ago but we won’t mention that!

– You’re inspired by poetry, aren’t you? What else gives you inspiration for writing music?

– Inspiration can come from anywhere really; films, books, music, on the bus (!) so there’s never any set pattern. Usually Tony, or Dom, will be playing around on an acoustic and a melody, or a few lines will pop up. Tony brings these into rehearsal and we will then develop these as a band. Tony is the one you would have to ask about that!

– You are one of the founding fathers of The Relics. In your opinion, how have the band evolved since the formation?

– Yes, Dom and myself were in a band previous to The Relics but we lost the guitarist/vocalist. I had been in two bands with Tony, I knew how good he was, so I gave him a call. We had to wait a few months because he was off exploring some Amazonian jungle. Obviously they had no mobiles there so we had to wait for the telegram to reach him, which took awhile. Once he got the call though he was on the first plane back. Then we just needed a bass player. The original bassist was a sound guy, called Guy funnily enough, who we got in touch with via a muso site on the internet. A good laugh, and a decent player, but we never clicked. Well, he was a Manchester United fan for a kick off! When the stress of being a Relic got too much Tony said he knew of a guy he was in college with, so that’s how we got in touch with Peter. Peter was the missing piece of the puzzle really and he’s contributed a lot on the bass and with his backing vocals. Since then there has been a definite improvement in the quality of the music but that comes from practise as much as anything.

– What would you ideally like to achieve with The Relics?

– Well, apart from ruling the world (lol) we just want to carry on making music. Whether that’s on a local level, national or international stage we don’t mind. It sounds a bit cheesy but we really do just play for the love of the music.
Practically speaking we want to finish our album and get that out there. Also we have loads of songs that we haven’t managed to get into the live set so once the recording is finished we are going to really focus on working up arrangements for those.

– What are your most favourite bands and what kind of influence have these bands had in your life?

– My favourite bands are AC/DC and The Beatles although Dom and myself like a lot of the same bands; Wolfmother, Led Zeppelin stuff like that. Peter is the emo of the band and he likes bands like Alter Bridge. Tony doesn’t really class himself as a fan of anyone but I know that he really likes the music of Van Morrison, The Band etc etc. We all have a love of bands like The Who, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC in common.
It’s hard to say what kind of influence these bands have had in our lives. I guess like every musician they inspire you to pick up your instrument in the first place but we don’t look to anyone of them as role models or anything like that!

– What is your best music memory?

– I’d have to say it was the last time myself and Tony went to see AC/DC at Wembley stadium in 2009. 90,000 people all rocking out to the best live band ever. What a gig that was!! I know Tony has a few favourite Dylan and Van Morrison gigs he has attended. Band wise we’ve had a few brilliant gigs at The Lomax where the place has been packed, and the crowd has been rocking, but the next gig is always the best one!

– Have you got any philosophy you stick to in life?

– I’d have to say my philosophy for life is just to enjoy yourself while you can; live for today but keep in mind there may come tomorrow. We’re a long time dead Olga!!


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