Rock Classics /// Led Zeppelin ‘Led Zeppelin I’


Is it possible to release a debut album in the late 60s which arrives with a huge bang full of novelty and brave ideas and then stays an ultimate, timeless classic record for decades after? It is, if you’re Led Zeppelin.

When Led Zeppelin released their debut record ‘Led Zeppelin I’, it instantly got in the public eye. With its bold sound and provocative album art, showing the Hindenburg disaster, ‘Led Zeppelin I’ was nothing like anything heard before. On the album blues backbone is adorned by hard-hitting, heavy riffs – which produces the mingle bold, exuberant, enthusiastic and atypical of the late 60s. And then there is spontaneity and straightforwardness of not-Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-I-album-coverover-complicated, easy-to-reproduce-live sound, that found its way to people’s hearts quite quickly. The incredible thing is that prior to hitting the studio at the end of 1968 Led Zeppelin had been together for a bit more than two weeks only, but were quite well-rehearsed and had a strong idea about what they wanted to track on their album. Moreover, harmonious and appealing sound coming from such a young band might have also been the result of understanding and special chemistry between the musicians which is characteristic of strong musicianship, which Zeppelin, no doubt, never lacked.

When it landed ‘Led Zeppelin I’ caused mixed reaction in the music world, as some loved the ideas introduced by the band, which hadn’t been used before, whereas others were put off by the novelty and boldness of the offering so much they couldn’t digest it at all. As at that time Led Zeppelin preferred to spread the word about themselves with the help of live shows rather than press coverage, blatantly unpleasant reviews did little to undermine the reputation of the band who by that time had become famous as a fiery live act. Despite all the arrows shot in the album back then, it set off the unstoppable victorious march of Zeppelin across the world and very soon even ardent opponents of the band had to sit up and take notice of the new music wonder. It was the beginning of the new era…


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