Independent outlook /// The Sandpaper Eyebrows ‘Clockwork Utopia’ [Album] 2013

The Sandpaper Eyebrows

The language of metal is a very diverse one and the engagement of conversations in it depends on how much a band are ready to experiment and try to bring in new elements in their sound. Progressive metal collective The Sandpaper Eyebrows offer expressive and deep talks with listeners on their debut offering ‘Clockwork Utopia’ – the talks you’re going to thoroughly enjoy.

Based around elaborate instrumentation, ‘Clockwork Utopia’ has the eerie feel and grandeur of progressive metal, while the usage of electronics adds a fresh neo tweak to the sound. Their instrumentation is far from thoughtless shredding for the sake of it, but it’s a viscous, ambient story of its own with multiple layers, transitions from dominating unhurried, intensive to occasional wilder modes, all of these performed in very intricate and skillful way. Be it prominent thick bass lines or monstrous drum assault, creeping guitars or clocks ticking alarmingly here and there, The Sandpaper Eyebrows put a lot of meaning and care into each second comprising the voices their instruments speak. Thus the band create the atmosphere which transfers listeners to another music dimension where a fairy, enchanting feel prevails. If you’re craving for some atmospheric and intelligently crafted music, ‘Clockwork Utopia’ is your perfect choice.


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