Independent outlook /// Hot Damn ‘Sleep Alone’ [EP] 2013

Hot Damn

Right now Welsh pop-punks Hot Damn are at the stage of cementing their name on the UK scene and pushing their music further to be discovered by bigger audiences. Instead of blurting out similarly sounding EPs one after another, Hot Damn take their time to make every next effort sound unlike the previous one. The band’s newest offering ‘Sleep Alone’ is the result of great thought and care put into making of the EP and thus a new turn to their music.

The eight-track ‘Sleep Alone’ is a merry-go-round of exuberant melodies crafted with experience of the underground Hot Damn Sleep Aloneband who’s been around for a while, and yet the enthusiasm of a new band at the same time. Overall rather punchy and aggressive, ‘Sleep Alone’ has its own hard-hitting as well as melodious moments which work perfectly together, bringing out the raw side by side with the polished facets of Hot Damn. The urgency of pop-punk performed at a fast pace hits with the shortest track – the opener ‘Sincerity’, carries this torch for most of the EP and tones down a bit only at ‘Willows’ – the last but one track of ‘Sleep Alone’. The zeal, that shines through all the 8 songs is a delicious icing on the cake of this amazing EP: it’s a doubtless merit that will keep you hooked up on ‘Sleep Alone’ for ages.

Hot Damn raise the stakes considerably with ‘Sleep Alone’: its sound and the band’s ambitions are in total agreement with each other here. Expect a leap further from Hot Damn and their massive invasion in your mind soon as they’re too damn good to be missed.


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