Getting to know /// Inherit The Stars

Inherit The Stars

Sheffield-based Inherit The Stars are a young and ambitious band who know how to make their band sound uniquely. How? ITS’s frontman Daniel Jeffery tells.

– How did Inherit The Stars start as a band?
– ITS started a few years ago under a different name (Decode) and bit of a different direction. I guess the idea of Inherit The Stars itself was born about this time last year. We sat down to write something big. Something that would be sonically massive whilst still retaining everything we love about our roots. We wanted massive hooks, massive string sections and a sci-fi edge all round. I think we achieved it. The name change wasn’t until half way through recording our album. It was the most natural time to do it, as we had gone through this transformation right from the writing process up.

– If you could put a poster up to promote your band, what would you like it to say?
– Post apocalyptic, pop songs from space.

– What’s the main attraction of your live shows?
– We use all our orchestral sections and synths live. So what you hear on the album, is what you hear from the stage, or at least 95% of the way there.
We have a lot of energy and whether we’re playing to 500 people or 5, we go all out, every time.

– What’s your philosophy in making music?
– Wow. What a difficult question! Make sure your music is honest I guess. People can always tell if your music is disingenuous. Don’t be restricted by any particular boundaries of genre. Our album crosses over from all out pop punk to some seriously screamo parts, it has electronic and dubstep spinkles and parts that sound like a take from an end of the world sci-fi movie. Write songs you want to hear but havent heard yet!

– What are your biggest music influences and how did they influence you?
– This band’s biggest influence, (as in the persons input and opinion we value most) is undoubtably our producer, Jim Pinder. When we recorded he brought so much to the table and got the best out of us and our music. From a band point of view, i guess it’s always been those bands that dare to be different. Fightstar, Enter Shikari, Chiodos, Biffy Clyro, Angels and Airwaves…

– Where do you see Inherit The Stars in the future?
– Only time will tell. But we’ve already started writing album 2 🙂

Inherit The Star’s debut album is out on 18th May. Album preview cam be heard below.


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