Featured song /// Canterbury ‘You Are The One’


Canterbury without any doubt belong to one of the best bands to hail from the UK. They’ve always been perfect in balancing anthemic, rocking tunes with indie touched, sophisticated motives – not only in mixing these two in a terrific mingle, but also performing them separately from each other. Thus said, if Canterbury write a rock anthem, it’s usually a blistering drop dead one. Their newest song ‘You Are The One’ is a bold, in-your-face blast that starts off peacefully and calmly, but grows fierce as the song progresses. This is the track that’s 1000 % going to sweep you off your feet and while you’re still recovering your ability to function, they’ll finish you off with explosive energy storming out of the speakers shamelessly. Have fun!

2 Responses to “Featured song /// Canterbury ‘You Are The One’”
  1. DIsongs says:

    Hi, the video isn’t visible. To add an Youtube video you only need to paste it’s url.
    Nice song by the way :-).

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