Track by track /// Golden Tanks ‘R.D.H.B’

Golden Tanks

Golden Tanks have been through thick and thin over the course of their career, however the good has won over the bad. To celebrate it, the band are releasing their five-track EP ‘R.D.H.B’ on 22nd April. Matt White presents the EP, sharing stories behind each track.

I always wanted to write a short, fast, punchy song for this EP. All our songs are pretty short but this is definitely one of the quickest ones we’ve ever written. It hits hard, full of energy and so makes for the perfect opener.

’10 Days’
 This is the first song we wrote for the EP. I love playing the riff in it live. It’s just big, fast and slays live. We used to call it ‘Jamie’s Jackets’ because of our old guitarist, he used to wear really shit jackets.

‘Burnt Bridges’
 This is the last song we wrote. We had the main riff for a long time but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s probably my favourite song on the EP and I love the chorus in it. We all can’t wait to see how it comes across live, when we hit the road again from the 11th April.

 This is probably the most ‘different’ song we’ve ever written. Live it’s easily the most fun to play. We got the name from a tour we did with our friends Attention Thieves. Their bass player Ryan Davies was so pissed one day, he kept trying to sing this song but didn’t know any lyrics, so he made up some really dumb ones. Mostly ‘Hawaiian Babes’ throughout, hence the R.D.H.B., Ryan Davies Hawaiian Babes. It’s a lot more chilled, not as aggressive, but there’s a lot more going on in it.

‘Fangs’ We’ve been playing this song live for a while now. We’ve recorded it a few times and done a live session for it, but it’s always been a bit of a ballbag to record. There’s just a powerhouse of bass guitar all the way through and it doesn’t really let up! But we feel it closes the record nicely.


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