Getting to know /// Homebound


Homebound are yet a very new name on the UK pop punk scene, but with the sound so focused, tight and striking as can be heard on their track ‘PTC’ this is soon about to change. Comprising Charlie on vocals, Tom on lead guitar, Chris on rhythm guitar, Joe on bass and Jim on drums, Homebound are now plotting and scheming the release of their debut EP. Sounds exciting, eh? But first, let them introduce themselves to you.

– What is the story behind the formation of Homebound?

– Having been in various bands since the age of around 13 we’ve always enjoyed writing and playing music, Homebound started one night after a few drinks around Jim’s.. (our drummer) Having laughed and joked about our previous bands over the night, one of us, in the moment suggested starting a band again. We had the motives for it and thought why not! Whether we would think this the morning after, we weren’t to know.. Soon enough we were practising and writing songs with everything coming together,as we started to think more like a band.

– If you could choose absolutely any way of introducing Homebound to music audiences how would you do it?

– So far as a band, we are yet to really find what fits us best, we think of ourselves as Pop Punk, following with the current style of the rock music scene whilst maintaining that 90’s/early 2000’s definitive sound.

– Which bands and musicians are your main inspirations and influences?

– Our main influences would have to be the likes of New Found Glory, The Story So Far, You Me At Six and Young Guns. All of us have grown up listening to these bands and together have taken aspects from their music and tried to emulate these features in our own songs.

– How did you get into music?

– We’ve been listening to music our whole lives and all have such broad and diverse music tastes, as well as sharing the same love for it; this has only strengthened our writing together as a band. This band has done nothing but add to our appreciation for music.

– What are your interests outside music?

– We’re very much your typical guys really, we all like different things, going out, sport, gym (some of us..), tv series and film. If we’re not writing music we are talking about it and most likely off somewhere watching it!

– What’s the main goal Homebound are going to aspire as a band?

– Right now, we are having fun, seeing how things go and taking one step at a time . Some of us would be too embarrassed to admit how being signed on a record label is the dream but you can’t get anywhere without ambition. We have just released our first single ‘PTC’; with the response being so positive, we now are in the process of recording a three track E.P in which to include ‘PTC’. We are really excited to get these tracks out to everyone and to share what we’ve been doing for past few months.



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