Independent outlook /// Eager Teeth ‘Eager Teeth’ [Album] 2013

Eager Teeth Promo

In the times of genre blends in order to achieve a more unique sound it’s often very important not to overdo and when deciding to perform some kind of chemistry on sounds, bands should be well aware of how to do that not to spoil the whole spin. Brighton-based Eager Teeth know and, more importantly, can perform this kind of chemistry and BOOM – get a banging mixture on the outcome. Their debut self-titled album is the blistering result of their magic in action.

Even though Eager Teeth are quite a young band, the musicians comprising the collective are not novice on the music scene at all. After years of live and studio experience in other bands, they got together to form Eager Teeth: Lady Fate found the right time indeed to bring a talented five-piece together. A stunning mixture of tight post-hardcore, unpolished punk and anthemic alt indie blazing on their first brainchild form an addictive, intoxicating piece of art.

‘Eager Teeth’ is a well-coordinated, piercing music strike loaded with wit and fire, talent and skill, passion and confidence. Eager Teeth are not interested in boring stuff like mindless sound assault or trivial topics to sing about. On the contrary, their self-titled debut will offer you off-kilter song structures, a lot of creative, blistering guitar riffs, meaningful rhythm section – all these bound in a tight knot delivered at a demonic pace with shameless ambitions. By juggling equally easily with raw punkishness (‘Somehow’, ‘Constant Entertainment’), sparkling groove (‘New Bones (I Gotta Know)’, ‘Baby I Don’t Wanna Know’, ‘Lights Out’) reasonable aggression (‘Exorcise Bike’, ‘Golden Tongues’), Eager Teeth disarm their listeners with versatility: getting bored with this album is absolutely out of the question. To make you totally hypnotised, they throw in a few short interludes, blend the ends and beginnings of some songs and wind up the record with a capella singing and clapping. Are you hooked yet?

Blistering guitar riffs, thick bass droning or furious drumming are scattered here and there to pop up in the foreground when you least expect them. Each track is performed as if for the first and last time with bucketfuls of fun along the way. ‘Eager Teeth’ is explosive and dazzling: the record easily and nonchalantly gives you a mighty music punch. With unrestrained energy, a bit of recklessness, great zeal put in the performance and all these seasoned with an old-school feel and a unique Eager Teeth twist, this is the listen to behold.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Eager Teeth ‘Eager Teeth’ [Album] 2013”
  1. DIsongs says:

    Nice description and song.

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