Featured EP /// Hey Vanity ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’

Hey Vanity

Sometimes an end can be a new beginning. This popular belief can be clearly seen in music: the end of some bands can be the beginning of other new exciting collectives. Hey Vanity rose out of the ashes of Fei Comodo and made the  first, very confident step in their beginning – released a five-track, debut EP ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’.

Despite being short and swiftly moving, ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’ possesses so much fervour that it will be more than enough to light up the whole of the UK. Huge hooks, thick riffs, booming rhythm section hit hard like a napalm blast – captivating, dangerous and infectious. Every song is a ball of fire – spinning, packed with animated spirits, multiplied by enthusiastic exuberance and sounding simply smashing.

Hey Vanity shoot their first arrow with great precision of experienced shooters: ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’ reaches the target of listeners’ hearts just right as such an off-scale, high-spirited, off-kilter record can’t pass unnoticed.


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