Face to face with Low Tide Theory.

Low Tide Theory
Low Tide Theory perform a terrifically styled retro synthpop with echoes of Depeche Mode and New Order, multiplied by the band’s own identity. The euphoric touch of their songs is simply amazing, so close your eyes and feel this music bliss just while LTT’s debut album ‘Big Sky’ is playing. Low Tide Theory’s keyboardist and guitarist Paul tells Rock Britain about the band, the album and the ultimate time machine.
– How was Low Tide Theory born as a band?

– We started out in 2010 initially as a songwriting project. Paul (keyboards) and Chris ( bass) had worked together in a previous band. Johnnie and Paul initially started working on some music together which didn’t fit into any existing band structure we had, so it ended up as the start of Low Tide Theory. Chris’s bass worked really well with the sound so we continued on as a 3 piece.

 – What was the first song you recorded as Low Tide Theory and what role did it play in band’s life?

– ‘Crash’ was the first song we completed. It was different to the version that finally made the album but was the first track that got us radio play right at the beginning which was the catalyst for us to write more!

– Your debut album ‘Big Sky’ is out. How does it feel to be making such an important step and releasing a debut?

– It’s amazing! It has been a long process to get to this point and we are relieved it is finally released. The songs have been finished for some time now and we are so eager for people to hear them!

 – Where do you expect ‘Big Sky’ to take Low Tide Theory in your career?

– We hope to release more music certainly. We have done a few gigs so far but would love for the album to give us opportunities to play to more people, and not just in the UK. We have had some fantastic support worldwide so it would be great to get to get out there!

– Why should music fans buy ‘Big Sky’?

– The feedback we have already received and the reactions people who have shared it on their radio shows make us think we have achieved something very special. We think it is very accessible music and appeals to young and more mature audiences who remember the 70s and 80s well! It’s a new sound but has a familiar vibe. People will not be disappointed.

 – You call your style ‘retro synthpop’. Why did you choose to turn to the past for inspiration and bring a bit of retro music to the present?

– It’s music that we are all fans of, and in the early days we would listen to things like New Order, Depeche Mode, OMD, AHA Ultravox, Simple Minds etc and they had a big influence on our lives. It’s good, well written and well performed music and we’d like to think a lot of people still appreciate this it in these days of reality shows and short-lived overly commercial pop careers.

 – If you had a time machine, would you use it to go to the past or to the future and why?

– Future, definitely. It’s always handy to know what’s coming! Also a bit of a geek so well up for checking out the tech!

– Music means different things to different people. What is music for you?

– Music can provide the soundtrack to any emotion and it can bring people together like nothing else can.

 – What are your top songs to listen to at midnight?

– Anything by The Blue Nile

– Where do you see Low Tide Theory in 5 years?

– I’ll let you know when we get that time machine working!  Hopefully still recording and still performing. If people still like what we do, we’ll still be doing it!

 – What description would you like people to know Low Tide Theory by?

– Good songs, great tunes and nice chaps!


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