Featured EP /// Falter ‘II’


Blackburn alternative metal Falter are already a household name in their hometown as well as neighbouring areas. Having gained themselves quite a following by playing fierce and intense live shows, Falter also boast the sound thought-out and very focused for an up-and-coming band. Their EP ‘II’ is a music fusion which reflects Falter’s influences brought to the tables of their listeners in Falter’s very own wrapping: a metal case with a blood-red ribbon, if you please.Falter II Artwork

Comprising five tracks ‘II’ is a vast showcase of the band’s versatile talent – the one they’re not bashful to showcase in all of its wide range as there’s a lot to show, mind you. The opener ‘Triceratops Rex’ smashes hard instantly with its mighty authority set by thunderous guitars and backed up by sufficient rhythm section. Its follower ‘Mexico Basket’ on the contrary takes a toned-down, weighty ambient route relying on soft, melodious verses and massive choruses. Then at a great pace there comes ‘Blake’ rushing forward without any damage to heaviness and substantiality of the melody. While these three  tracks are obvious standalones with their own characters, the final pair ‘Candyfloss’ and ‘Vests And Hats’ feast on their best qualities for a crazy mash-up of powerful, speedy, mighty riffs with a melodious touch to finish off the EP with the loudest bang possible. Echoing the spontaneous and changeable nature of the melody, the vocals of Falter’s vocalist Tom Eccles go up from clean singing to raging screaming within a matter of seconds.

On ‘II’ Falter demonstrate how well they’ve mastered the art of combining heavy melody with fiery rage in various patterns, successions and dozes to create a record off-kilter in its structure and band’s creative potential. The EP takes unexpected turns thus building a very engaging, exciting listen. Even though it might seem at first sight that Falter are trying to embrace the unbounded, the band succeed in marrying various music directions and are rewarded with acutely fresh sound as a result of these manipulations. No matter which side of Falter is summoned, ‘II’ has got a mammoth might, a rattling thunderous feel to the sound, dramatic intensity boiling and a great air of confidence of the band who know what they are doing.

2 Responses to “Featured EP /// Falter ‘II’”
  1. Absolutely nailed it with this review.

    Such an awesome EP. One for the top 10’s, personally.

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