Getting to know /// Giants

Giants promo feb 13

“To be or not to be…”. This eternal question has been stirring the minds of generations for ages. One day in 2009 five lads in Essex decided: ‘to be’ and that decision was the beginning of Giants.

Born out of love of music, skateboarding and all-or-nothing approach, Giants have chosen ultimate DIY ethics to carve their band’s destiny. This ethics has already paid off generously having brought the band to the same stages with the likes of The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, Palm Reader and We Are The Ocean to name a few, as well as several festival appearances including Crash Doubt and Hevy. Two self-released EPs, including a split with Evita – ‘Giants’ and ‘Giants X Evita’ respectively, and a mini-album ‘These Are The Days’ unveiled to more than just enthusiastic reaction from the UK and European music community have cemented Giants’ position as the band with great potential to keep keen eyes on.

A stern mixture of zippy, hard-hitting, melodious hardcore and 90s inspired skater punk mixed exclusively by Giants swirls with supreme passion and is pierced with a strong positive message to keep your chin up even during the hardest times. A downpour of intricate riffs – some melodious and uplifting, some banging and howling – united with thunderous rhythm section, form the dominating, driving force of Giants’ sound. Fancy bridges and striking progressions crackle between the avalanche of tight sound and shoot fires of might. When presented with such a great fervour, their positive message is surely to stick and if you need a kick in the bum or a call to arms, put on any Giants’ song and hold your head up high.

Buy Giants’ music here

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