Track by track /// Crows Parliament ‘Never Come Down’

Crows Parliament

Crows Parliament are a British rock band based in Bristol and the South West of England. In these recordings they are joined by Canadian singer – Staci Duhaime. Most often they have been compared to The Doors, the Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kills and The White Stripes. The four tracks listed here are available worldwide for download on all the major sites such as ITunes and Amazon under the title ‘Never Come Down’.

‘Rodeo’. We always open our live set with this song. It’s Brash, loud and full of energy – We always saw this as the song we sing as we ride into a town to play a gig. Although really we are all shy, retiring, book reading types we like to give the impression that we are confident stand tall and are ready for anything. We aren’t children no more, and in the tradition of songs like ‘Mannish Boy’ by Muddy Waters and ‘I’m a Man’ by Bo Diddley this is us just telling it like it is.

‘Hey Mama’. We have to thank the Scoundrels Rally Social Club for this one. The Scoundrels are a Biker RSC who holds a few Rally and parties through the year in our part of the world. The rallies are an excuse to ride out to some remote campsites and spend the weekend talking bikes, drinking and raising a bit of money for local charities. Crows Parliament performed at one of these shows and got invited back to the next one. We had such a great time we wanted to write a song for them.  It’s called ‘Hey Mama’ because it’s really clear that the women in these groups are the glue that holds it all together.  It’s really a Road Trip song. We wanted to catch that feeling of getting on your bikes or in your car and setting out on a long road trip, the freedom and joy of setting of and being on the move…….

‘Hard Times’. This was recorded at Music Box studio in Bristol where PJ Harvey and John Parish occasionally record. The song is about being in one of those relationships where you know it’s going to be all about the drama. In my case the story included religious cults, adultery, children, death threats, suicide attempts, poetry, music, art, a lot of beautiful dresses and many adventures in France, Italy and Spain and Oxford.

We used this song as our first attempt to make a music video for one of our songs. We hired one of our favourite dancers, Paula, who comes from Estonia, to choreograph some dances and then filmed the video in this lovely bar in Bristol that has a secret little theatre hidden at the back of the Pub.

‘Yellowbird’. Yellowbird was the tumbler name of Cari Ann Wayman, a photographer from North America. And this song is written directly in response to her photography of abandoned buildings and places in the north of the American States.  We have a particular love and interest in the collection of unloved places and urban explorers and Cari’s work is a beautiful example of a world that has move on. We loved her work so much that we used it for the Cover of the EP and also for the video for this song.

Cari’s work has been used for a number of album covers and you can buy her work here:  – her tumbler blog is here


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