Independent outlook /// New Killer Shoes ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin” [Album] 2013

New Killer ShoesUp for some fun and rocking ‘n’ rolling? New Killer Shoes will happily give you a hand in soundtracking your merrymaking with zeal and fervour. When it comes to rocking out, New Killer Shoes are, no doubt, absolute experts in it, so not getting into fun mode is hardly possible with them. New Killer Shoes’ full-length ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin” is all about fun, fun, fun and, of course, some really good music!

‘I Ain’t Even Lyin” takes off with ‘Pretty Reckless’ and hey! – nice to meet you, pretty reckless New Killer Shoes! From then on the non-stop music chaos creates total mess in your head and kills your grumpy cat mood song by song. Swirling and spurring melodies are based around groovy or funky guitars, expressive bass and speedy drums in saturated, rock ‘n’ rollish cocktail. Its taste can be melodious and calmed down (‘Smooth’, ‘Domestic’) then turn all dirty and naughty (‘I Know You Want It’, ‘Snakecharmer’) and end up ¬†reckless and it total chaos (‘Crooks’, ‘Let’s Go Disco’, ‘Love Rocket’). In any case, you won’t get bored with this record as it has enough diversity and exciting motives to feast on.

The overall instrumentation is quite rich on the album as New Killer Shoes make nods towards rock, pop, indie and punk for a very spirited character of the record. Guitar solos push their way through to the forefront to present their shimmering, howling nature to unsuspecting audiences. Sharp-tongued, the band bring this sharpness not only to their melodies, but also to their lyrics. They’ll easily lure you into their net and light you up with these shiny, blazing melodies, so don’t even try to resist this charm. ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin” is a highly enjoyable listen from New Killer Shoes ideal for lifting up your mood at a rocket speed. Three, two, one, off you go!

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