Featured EP /// Soul Saboteur ‘Clip Your Wings’ 2013

Soul Saboteur

Formed in November 2012, Soul Saboteur fuse acoustic rock with blues in their sound to frame poetical, clever stories told in an impassioned, honest manner. The band’s debut EP ‘Clip Your Wings’ comprises only four tracks, but these four will turn your souls inside out and make you feel every word sung by James Stone pulsate in your heart.

Unhurried, slowed down, loaded with the most sincere emotions, ‘Clip Your Wings’ boasts guitar solos meant to take your breath away with their acuteness, laciness woven from chords and progressions and deeply felt passion. This passion fills every sound in a mind-blowing mingle coming smoothly, seamlessly from under the fingers of four amazing musicians, and, of course, the lyrics: James Stone lives through every line he’s singing, fills every song with deepest, genuine feelings, so you’ll get enchanted even before the first track comes to an end.

‘Clip Your Wings’ is the first offering from Soul Saboteur, but these fourteen minutes of atmospheric blues rock with an authentic old school touch and great talent of performers will touch your hearts and souls just in the way real music does.


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