Independent outlook /// Depeche Mode ‘Delta Machine’ [Album] 2013

Depeche Mode

You can be either ridiculously superstitious, or consider all the supposedly bad luck signs a piece of pure nonsense. With Depeche Mode all the bad signs lose their power: their thirteenth studio album ‘Delta Machine’ is a clear sign that 13 can become your lucky number should you desire so. ‘Delta Machine’ is the embodiment of Depeche Mode’s character crafted in the best Depeche traditions with a magnetic spark they’ve been carrying through the years.

‘Delta Machine’ is a journey through dark, melancholic, mysterious alleys of sound following Depeche Mode’s signature minimalistic approach with moderate, but expressive adornment. This minimum shapes the sound into rich and visually arousing, stirring imagination and  awakening deeply hidden feelings. Depeche Mode  know better than many others that less is often more, so the elegantly crafted ‘Delta Machine’ once more brings out this pure brilliance of the band Delta Machine. The electronics on ‘Delta Machine’ borderline with sharp, stern industrial which creates the effect assertive and dramatic. Electric glows pierce the record, charge it with the highest voltage and form a significant part of the album’s atmosphere. A menacing, stern touch is achieved with the summoning of deep droning sounds that make their appearance not without a touch of grandeur. The dark sensuality of ‘Delta Machine’, crossing the border to sexuality at some points, strikes as intense and unashamedly exposed. ‘Delta Machine’ oozes hot waves – the ones which can actually be sensed like a hot embrace and when you melt from its heat, the music will crawl under your skin and feel like a throbbing pulse of your own body.

When Depeche Mode open the gates to their album with ‘Welcome To My World’, they don’t waste their time in lurring audiences further. Every song on’Delta Machine’ is a diamond of its own which takes time to build up gradually to its extreme boiling point and sometimes not even once during one track.  Great confidence goes through all of the 13 tracks, however occasionally it gives way to delicate vulnerability (‘The Child Inside’, ‘Alone’). Sensual intensity becomes fiery on ‘Slow’ or ‘Should Be Higher’, honey-like viscosity envelops ‘Heaven’, ‘Broken’, ‘Angel’ and rhythmical precision shapes ‘Soft Touch / Raw Nerve’,  ‘Secret To The End’ or ‘Soothe My Soul’. Dave Gahan’s voice is deep, velvet and so full of emotions, that it’ll touch on all the strings of human souls at different levels.

On ‘Delta Machine’ Depeche Mode remain true to themselves. Being the band who have the freedom to make music in their own way, Depeche Mode get great power out of this freedom. After so many years of an indeed glorious career, the band haven’t lost their grip and, what’s more important, they’ve preserved their spirit as it’s absolutely obvious Depeche Mode are making records not in the form of an automated production line, but because they have a lot to say, their inspiration is never-ending, thus making music an outlet for their huge creative potential. Contrary to bands who sell poor records only thanks to a famous name on the cover, Depeche Mode’s name on the cover is always the seal of high quality of music inside.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Depeche Mode ‘Delta Machine’ [Album] 2013”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Fantastic review!! This record amazes me every time I listen to it. One of the best this year for sure x

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