Top 5 Great Piano Rock Bands


Rock music based on the piano can stir nothing but fascination. While pointwise addition of piano to some songs that livens them up a lot is one thing, piano as one of the leading instruments – the one you can’t imagine a band’s song without, its heartbeat – is an absolutely different story. Here are five bands that have made piano one of the centres of their music for some incredible and magical sound.

Keane. Magical, soft songs, open minds of the musicians and as a result a lot of unexpectedness concerning what we can hear from them next: these are Keane. However, one thing is always certain: no matter what they put out, it will be absolutely beautiful.

Mt. Desolation. If you can’t get enough of Keane, here’s more from these fine gentlemen to enjoy. Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin form the core of Mt. Desolation – alt/country/rock duo joined onstage by more amazing musicians. There’s no need to say that with Mr. Rice-Oxley on piano duties, their music’s nothing short of great. Enjoy!

Thirteen Senses. Intense, soft, emotional and, of course, beautiful with a touch of delicacy, Thirteen Senses’ music  is full of sensational magic. You won’t be disappointed.

Athlete. These gentlemen know how to make music which will softly touch your hearts, souls and senses and that’s where magical chemistry happens: you’ll fall in love with the band irreversibly.

Coldplay. Romantic, heart-felt, elegant, Coldplay’s songs have inspired a great number of music lovers all over the world. Meet the legend, ladies and gentlemen.

5 Responses to “Top 5 Great Piano Rock Bands”
  1. Steve Lakey says:

    Keane and Coldplay are my favourite current bands! Can’t really choose between them.

  2. Peter says:

    Keane have been the best band in the world over the past 10 years imo. Very consistent, lots of good singles, strong albums, and a greater amount of diversity in their music than similar bands like Snow Patrol or Coldplay

    I would also say The National deserve to be on the list, one of the world’s biggest band. I’m a Keane fan but Mt. Desolation don’t belong here, it is a side project with a rather average album.

    Thirteen Senses seem very underrated, they have a beautiful sound and I look forward to listening to them more.

    One band which isn’t mentioned here though and maybe it should be because they paved the way for bands like Keane and Coldplay to make it big is Travis who really hit off the light Britrock genre. They haven’t made any truly great album since The Man Who in 1999 but a lot of good songs over the years and Why Does It Always Rain on me has to be one of the best light rock songs ever made. They don’t use a piano as much as other bands like Keane admittedly.

    And a band to watch out for is a little known Irish band named Codes…only one album so far but it was very consistent. They also don’t use a piano all that much but make similar melancholic emotional songs with big choruses.

    • There are a lot of great bands out there, the choice is really hard while making these sorts of playlists. To be fair, I don’t consider Travis a really piano band. They’re very good, I like them a lot, but for me they’re just a good Britrock band, not a piano one. Also, I can’t possibly feature The National as, no matter how great they are, the band are American and on my blog I feature only British acts.

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