Independent outlook /// Palm Reader ‘Bad Weather’ [Album] 2013

palm reader

With an impressive self-titled EP that grabbed the attention of music lovers by the balls in 2012, Woking hardcore outfit Palm Reader have no intentions of stopping just now. Quite on the contrary, they pour more fuel into the fire with their debut full-length ‘Bad Weather’ – a real delicacy served to the tables of hardcore gourmets. Please, help yourself.

A ten-track ‘Bad Weather’ has everything essential for a successful debut: skillful performance – check; music confidence – check; in-your-face attitude – check. ‘Bad Weather’ grabs you straight by your throat with the opener ‘Unwanted Guest (Grace Pt.1)’ to snap you up in the world of Palm Reader without any possibility to get out of it. Technical, sharp riffs can easily cause dizziness and light spinning of your head with their steep turns and great skill of execution. Rapid interchange between these wild beasts and heavy-stepping, mighty passages makes the songs Bad_Weather_Cover_Artdynamic and utterly impressive.

Getting totally out of control with ‘Spineless’, ‘Smack Hound’ or ‘Seeing And Believing Are Two Different Things’, Palm Reader show their  alter ego with the ‘Grace’ trilogy: ‘Unwanted Guest (Grace Pt.1), ‘Bitter Hostess (Grace Pt.2) and ‘Noble Host (Grace Pt.3)’ – toned down spots scattered around the album to form standalone specks of atmospheric sound, contrary to the raw, fiery, speedy spirit of the rest of the record. And the album closer can’t be more epic than it is with 6-minute extravaganza ‘The Whites Of Our Eyes’.

On ‘Bad Weather’ Palm Reader demonstrate a wide range of levels of aggression and rawness, just like different sides of their musicianship. From thoughtful spirits the register goes easily up to boiling anger when emotions are so overwhelming that throaty screaming of Josh Mckeown rise to such a fury that he only spits out the lyrics abruptly to express everything he wants to. There seem to be no creative limits for Palm Reader  and instead of jumping on the bandwagon of modern hardcore, they form their own path with a personal spin. ‘Bad Weather’ shows it all and when the album is finished, you’re lured and captured by Palm Reader to follow this path of theirs.

‘Bad Weather’ is nothing short of a declaration from Palm Reader:  WE ARE HERE! Take note of this band as once Palm Reader have arrived, they’ve done so to stay for long.


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