Featured EP /// The Travelling Band ‘Hands Up’ 2013


The Travelling Band are one of England’s music treasures – the one that needs looking for to be discovered and, moreover, doesn’t open up before everyone’s eyes so easily. Hailing from Manchester, The Travelling Band formed in 2006 and released their debut ‘Under The Pavement’ two years later. By the release of the sophomore record ‘Screaming Is Something’ The Travelling Band had been through thick and thin with line-up changes and other difficulties that await any up-and-coming band on their way. However, they didn’t let anything ruin the already strong fundament for future successes. Having established a great reputation for being a fiery live outfit, The Travelling Band belong to the category of must-see bands for every connoisseur of good music.

The Travelling Band’s EP ‘Hands Up’ released in February 2013 is a taste of things to come from their third full-length ‘The Big Defreeze’, set for release later in 2013. Containing three studio and one live track, the EP is crafted in a delicate, unearthly manner with sophisticated guitar riffs and amiable disposition. There’s a sense of intense feelings put in each song, harmony and chord – the gift of the musicians who choose to live through their songs rather than just play them for the sake of playing. With ‘Hands Up’ The Travelling Band share light and sunshine, and they share it generously with their listeners: the record has an exquisite touch of folk with a compelling spirit of alternative that work perfectly together.

‘Hands Up’ is a great effort from a truly talented band, who make real music with spirit and attitude.


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