Inspiration /// Queen ‘Don’t Try So Hard’


Have your even been in the place when all the attempts were failing miserably and the more you tried, the more they failed? I guess we’ve all been there one moment or another. At the times when you feel stuck and wretched, the best advice comes from one of the greatest bands that ever walked on planet Earth: Queen. It’s simple: “If you’re searching out for something, don’t try so hard”. Queen can’t be more right in this statement, Lord bless them. After all, what’s the point in beating your head against a brick wall if nothing can be done just now and you can wait until another day?

‘Don’t Try So Hard’ is the finest example of balladry courtesy of Queen. Rather quiet on the verses, but powerful on the choruses, the song delivers its wise message in a very persuasive tone. Taken off the band’s last album ‘Innuendo’, ‘Don’t Try So Hard’ is very powerful and impressive in its grandeur. So, when next time ‘you feel kinda nothing’, listen to Queen: these gentlemen know what they’re talking about.

Queen – ‘Don’t Try So Hard’ Lyrics Video

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