Independent outlook /// Surrender The Coast ‘The Devil You Know/Conscience’ [Double A Side]

Surrender The Coast

If you like your music brutal or just feel like getting an injection of some massive, heavy-weight tunes,  Surrender The Coast won’t allow you to get bored with their breed of hard-hitting hardcore. The band’s new double A side features the tracks ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Conscience’ and these two bad boys are enough to level all the nearby buildings to the ground. Both songs perfectly match each other like a pair of two metal hammers hitting without any mercy for your ears,  firing all cylinders and striking with technical, well-coordinated onslaught of riffs. This is hardcore at its finest, most slashing, boiling self, going totally off-scale, built upon tight melodies, fiery  passages and anger-laden vocals. Resistance is not an option.



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