Concert stories /// Save Your Breath / Moscow @ Plan B / 25.04.2013

Save Your Breath

If you lack fun in your life, it’s high time you went to a live show. However, choose wisely. I can guarantee: if you opt for seeing a bunch of Welshmen aka Save Your Breath, it’s a wise choice: overdoses of fun, pure craziness and great mood are absolutely guaranteed. On 25th April Save Your Breath brought all of these to Moscow’s Plan B, so yeah, I do know.

Some say that one needs to spoil it before spinning it. However, it was not the case with Save Your Breath’s debut performance in Moscow. Once the lads hit the stage, it became crystal clear that there would be no mercy for the audience and the only thing they could do was rocking the hell out of themselves. With the opener ‘Recover’ there started circle pits one after another and ever-growing chaos on the dance floor which got extra fuelled with singalongs to the likes of  ‘Stay Young’ or ‘Maps’ and ended up in stage dives and total uncontrollable mess among the audience with a final blast on ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’ when the excited gang in the front row grabbed the mic from SYB’s singer Kristian’s hands and took over the singing of the line “Nothing worth having comes easy”. Pure chaos. Only once was it broken for a realm of atmospheric calmness of ‘Ceremony’ with Kristian’s voice almost cracking up from over-the-top, intense emotions. By the end of the show the audience had got so worked up that they demanded for “one more song” and got it as a special treat for such a hot welcome.

You can trust Save Your Breath in delivering a totally energized 10000% performance and while for some collectives watered-down concerts are acceptable, Save Your Breath choose the total all-or-nothing approach to their live shows. Their levels of energy, great involvement in the performance and stunning stage presence can drive even the most quiet people from propping the walls to rocking out hard like never before in their lives. That’s the signature Save Your Breath philosophy “have fun – it’s a f**king gig” in action: it works perfectly and bears no objections from whoever may have them.

Save Your Breath are not the band who accept limits and boundaries, but on the contrary crash them with big bangs. The band’s live shows activate a special button in your brain that switches off all the outside world with its problems, worries and concerns and allows to fully drown in the atmosphere of pop-punk made in Wales. Are you ready for some real fun?

That’s what Save Your Breath’s guitarist Dave told Rock Britain about their Russian experience:

This is probably one of the shows we’d been looking forward to the most on the tour, so we were all pretty excited as we turned up to the venue.

First impressions : Whoa, this venue is big! I hope people come..
We got the soundcheck done, then retreated to the dressing room to do some interviews, and to relax.

The next time I popped out front to watch Tundra Kids, I was stoked to see so many people had come to the show!

By the time it was our turn, we were all super excited to play, and it was an awesome show all in all.
It’s pretty amazing to go so far away from our small country, and see people going mental, singing along, stage diving, and just having a great time to songs we’ve written.

Huge love for Moscow/Russian crowds. Sorry we ran out of merch, sorry we didn’t get to chat to you guys more, security threw everyone out so quickly!

We’ll see you again soon.


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