Independent outlook /// No Consequence ‘IO’ [Album] 2013


Championing new ideas and following their own rules in progressive metal, No Consequence belong to the cohort of bold, masterful representatives of the genre in the UK. When the band returned back on the scene in 2012 after a writing hiatus and some line-up changes, they planned to take no prisoners. The result of this comeback found its reflection in the party’s sophomore record ‘IO’.

This album is the brainchild of the band who have matured a lot since the release of their debut ‘In The Shadow of Gods’ (2009) and also the statement from those who were returning on the scene after a break with the intention to do it loudly. ‘IO’ presents a dynamic record reminding of a rollercoaster with steep falls and similarly abrupt rises: the album either works up the tempo with speedy tech-metal riffs, insane drumwork and droning bass, catching you in the whirlwind of rapid soundscape, or lowers it down to ambient, lyrical melody that adorns the heaviness beautifully. These changes happen swiftly in the form of skillfully crafted, precise transitions from one state to another, so ‘IO’ is always on the go and ever-changing.

‘Bury The Debt’ or ‘Coerce: Confirm’ will make your head go dizzy with sharp turns from heavy blows to lyricism that feels almost like a soft touch. The instrumental ‘Ether’ and ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ are a duel, a showcase of the dramatic opposites: there’s a clash of ethereal, eerie feel of the first passage and monstrous assault of the second one. No Consequence even throw in a ballad and that is ‘Sentient’ – dramatically intense song which eventually can’t restrain itself from flying into a rage of harsh vocals, but just for a short time. Full of intricate guitars, which do a great deal of talking and impressing on ‘IO’, this record is the statement of No Consequence’s power.

Swirling with diversity, ‘IO’ never fails  to excite you during the course of listening.It’s a chaos of an album which isn’t familiar with the word ‘stale’, but prefers to be dynamically chaotic, unpredictable and technically masterful. If No Consequence wanted to arrive with a bang, they have very much succeeded in doing so.


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