Independent outlook /// Polar ‘Inspire Create Destroy’ [EP] 2013


Polar have been on the up-and-up since their formation in 2009. Facing and fighting all the obstacles all up-and-coming bands come across, Polar didn’t give up, but persevered despite relentless, exhausting touring, lack of sleep, long journeys and whatnot. All these hardships of pursuing a dream together with keeping on moving no matter what find their reflection in Polar’s new EP ‘Inspire Create Destroy’ released via Drop Dead on 27th May.

Totting up to the total of 11 minutes, the EP, however, probably marks the loudest 11 minutes of your life. Comprising three tracks ‘Inspire’, ‘Create’ and ‘Destroy’ respectively, Polar’s new brainchild pours out a stratospheric amount of unpolished hardcore based on intricate, structured, tight melodies and emotive, raw screaming vocals. Polar are not the band to be bashful to make some titanic noise, but this noise is well thought over and mature. Well-coordinated structures are not only diverse, but also dynamically moving, so the soundscape never gets stale with its ever-changing, layered nature. Each song boasts sharp edges which are set to guard raging, slashing riffs on the verge of collapsing from over-strained emotions which you can’t fail to feel together with the musicians.

‘Inspire Create Destroy’ is more than just an EP – it’s a huge iron fist destroying anything that can get in the way of Polar to the top. You have been warned.

‘Inspire Create Destroy’ is out on 27th May. The EP will be available for free to anyone who purchases an item from the Drop Dead Store, or as a paid download exclusively from the Drop Dead Store.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Polar ‘Inspire Create Destroy’ [EP] 2013”
  1. codyherbertofficial says:

    Vocalist sounds like he just learned how to scream. Very pushed and strained sounding. It’s definitely not inspiring. Great post though!

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