Independent outlook /// Voodoo Six ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ [Album] 2013

Voodoo Six

Classic hard rock in modern music environment as well-performed by new bands, rather than re-played on vinyl is becoming a precious thing. While most bands turn to various genre fusions to create something very new and at times very bizarre, some still choose to look for inspiration in old times and succeed. Meet your next hard rock heroes Voodoo Six. The year 2013 promises to be very busy and breathtaking for Voodoo Six: their new album – a follow-up to 2010’s ‘Fluke’ prophetically titled ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ comes out just on the eve of the band’s embarking on a massive European tour with none other than Iron Maiden.

The name of the album ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ finds it total reflection in the sound. Very assertive, pushy gait of the album can indeed be called a victorious one. The march to your hearts and music collections begins with ‘Falling Knives’ and doesn’t stop even for a short smoke. It steps in tasty, groovy guitars; thundering, prominent bass; steady, dangerous drums and reaches its multiple peaks of breathtaking guitar solos crafted to kill. Heavily laden, pushy ‘All That Glitters’ and ‘Sink Or Swim’ give way to mellower affairs ‘Lead Me On’ and ‘You Don’t Know’. With a distinct old school flavour on the sound, ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ seems to emerge right from the past, but is touched by freshness of the present day. When past and present collide and melt into each other, Voodoo Six arrive with the fanfares of their music so high of quality that even die-hard classic hard rock fans won’t be disappointed.

Like with real gems, it took some time before Voodoo Six became known to wider audiences, but you know: good things come to those who wait. If you’ve waited, here comes your reward: ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’.


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