Getting to know /// Omaha

Blending metal and post-hardcore in a burning mixture, Omaha are a young, but a talented and a confident band with big ambitions for the future. Let them introduce themselves.
– What was the beginning of Omaha as a band?

– We got together last year in October, but we’d say we’ve been a band since January this year. That’s when we dug our heels in and got down to some serious work. We had a gap to write and get the songs down for the EP “Trading Hearts” before heading to York to record them. Recording the EP brought us all closer and I guess since the record has been out, we have a newly formed family.

– Which bands are your major influences and inspirations and how have they influenced you?

– Each of us have our own different influences but as a band we take inspiration from lots of different bands, ranging from You Me At Six, to bands like Northlane. British bands like While She Sleeps are big inspirations because they have done what we aspire to do. They came out of nowhere and took the UK by storm.

– How would you introduce Omaha to somebody who’s never heard of you?

– It’s a surprise, go and have a listen.

– What’s the main attraction of your live shows?

– We’re yet to set out on the road and play some shows. We wanted to release something first then over the next couple of months we’re working on a set to match the quality of the EP. But everyone should keep their eye’s peeled.

– What is your biggest aim in music?

– We want to do it all. Albums, tours, we want to be able to do this for a living.


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