Top 5 Songs Played At Ice Hockey Matches


Music and ice hockey are closely connected. Such a dynamic and fast game as hockey simply needs some rock songs full of great power. Not only do they match the occasion perfectly, but also get the crowd going, singing and chanting. However, to get played at a hockey game a song doesn’t need to be about hockey: energy and drive are enough. Off we go!

One of the most beautiful thing in hockey is goals. This is the occasion well worth of a great soundtrack and it can come either from Blur and their ‘Song 2′ when Colorado Avalanche score a new hockey masterpiece or if you find yourself at one of Chicago Blackhawks’ games, you’ll hear their goals celebrated with The Fratellis’ ‘Chelsea Dagger’. Feel the pulse of the roaring crowd celebrating the success of their team!

To keep the spectators entertained during occasional stops in the game is essential to keep this buzzy atmosphere at the game, so getting people involved into more clapping, chanting, singing and rocking out is vital. After all, it’s gonna be dead boring if everybody is silent and unemotional like a frozen ice mummy. Deep Purple keep the crowd in the right tone with ‘Smoke On The Water’ while the players of CSKA Moscow are preparing for a next face-off and Kasabian don’t let anyone get bored at Pittsburgh Penguins games with ‘Club Foot’. Keep on moving and don’t get frozen!

Now, despite all the music choices at matches being a purely personal prerogative of a person responsible for this part of a show, there’s one song that makes it to every hockey playlist, hands down. Nobody will understand if this track is left behind. That’s Queen and ‘We Will Rock You’ of course. Nobody has made a better rocking song yet.

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