Independent outlook /// Press To Meco ‘Affinity’ [EP] 2013

Press To Meco 1

Being able to pen mighty, smashing, tunes is a gift. Press To Meco have this talent to blow listeners away with their energised music. If you still haven’t joined forces with them, then what are you waiting for? Since the release of the debut EP in 2012, Press To Meco have wasted no time in creating another banger of a record. ‘Affinity’ has just enough guts to pin you to the wall with its extraversion.

Being a five-track offering, ‘Affinity’ smashes everything around with the might of fifty-force assembly. Since the very start ‘Affinity’ is in for a carnival of mammoth riffs, huge hooks and uplifting melodies contrasting with rather serious topics touched upon by Press To Meco in the lyrics. However, this assault won’t make your ears fall off as even though weighty it is, ‘Affinity’ is also very melodious and sleek. Press To Meco are incredibly good at this kind of soft power, so all the melodies move rather effortlessly towards winning your ears. There’s much more to every song that appears at the first listen as every song is a multi-dimensional affair. While title track ‘Affinity’ is pure energised power, ‘Wasting Time’ tones down just for bit and ‘Honestly’ has droplets of laid-back passages scattered around the track. ‘Affinity’ not only initially captures listeners’ attention with its soaring sound, it also peels off more of its layers to let you discover more music treats.

Full of throbbing melodies ‘Affinity’ is a decent effort from Press To Meco with really good musicianship and irresistible zest. Though young the band are, their tunes are full of maturity and self-confidence which show Press To Meco as the collective capable of great things.

Photo credit: Alex Gregory


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