Face to face with We Caught The Castle

We Caught The Castle

We Caught The Castle are not your ordinary female-fronted band. Alternative rock with pop-punk spicing and a distinct British flavour and not a typical way of vocal delivery – this is We Caught The Castle. It’s not by accident that the band have made it to the final 15 Red Bull bands competing to play Download: they do stand out. We Caught The Castle’s bassist Rob Everett talks to Rock Britain about the day at Red Bull Studios, debut album ‘Time To Grow’ and ups and downs of travelling.

– Massive congrats on getting to Red Bull final 15! How did you enjoy your day in London studio?

– It was incredible, we felt like rock stars for the day. We drowned ourselves in Red Bull and had a great time doing all the Press Work, Photoshoot and Recording. Also getting to meet Don Broco and Ben Patashnik and learn from their experiences and advice was priceless.

– In your opinion, what’s the key to success at all sorts of music competitions?

– The key to success in music competitions is using social media to access your fans and motivate them to get involved. A lot of your success does rely on how good you are of course, and whether or not you are of a standard to impress any judges that might be involved, but your fan base can be a game changer.

– What’s your dream place to play at?

– Surely it has to be Download? It’s my favourite festival as it is so focused around rock music. The line up is always amazing and seeing our favourite bands on that stage is one of the reasons why we all do this. We all share the ambition to one day join them up there.

– What do you like and hate most of all about huge amounts of travelling while on tour?

– The best thing about travelling on tour is the amount of time you have to chill out and have a laugh as a band. We’re all best mates and our time in the van is often home to some of my favourite memories from touring. We have TVs and an xbox in there, and there’s always time for a few road beers. The only negative thing about it is Zak and Simon have to share driving duty, so they don’t get to embrace all the banter.

– How do you like impressing audiences with your live performances?

– We like to think that our music will be able to sell itself, but of course you can expect a really energetic, tight performance, to not only entertain but also impress.

– Your debut album ‘Time To Grow’ has been out for a while. How has the buzz around it been so far?

– The response for it so far has been brilliant. It’s had reviews in Kerrang! and Rock Sound, as well as numerous webzines and it has had a lot positive feedback. When we wrote the album we were still trying to find our sound, and it had quite an eclectic mix of ideas going on, but given the reviews and crowd response at gigs we have a definite direction to take our music in.

– How was the experience of recording the album for you? Would you do anything differently during the recordings of your next album in comparison to the first one?

– We have a definite direction and sound now, so we have an idea of what we want the next album to sound and feel like unlike our last. We recorded ‘Time to Grow’ in Simon’s studio, and it was a really nice environment without time constraints so we could really take the time to work on the songs. So we’re definitely going to record the next one there again, just have a more focused objective to aim for.

– If you could change one thing about music industry, what would you change?

– We all love the idea of the old ‘rock star’ dream, when labels had millions to throw at bands to trash room at the ritz and live totally excessively without a care in the world. But obviously that isn’t going to happen any time soon! The main thing that would probably bring the most positive change is if people starting going out there and buying and supporting music more again. Downloading music does make it so much more accessible for getting bands exposure, but it hasn’t helped any one in bands be able to finance and support what they’re doing. A lot of the bands we gig and tour with, (including ourselves) all have to try and juggle the band and full-time work, and it can be a struggle at times.

– Perfect free time: what is it for you?

– Friends, drinks, live music and fresh air! Obviously Sunshine is a massive plus but given the weather we get in the UK you have to set your expectations realistically!

– What’s your biggest ambition for the future?

– We all share the ambition of being able to do the band full-time, for it to be able to fund itself so we can no longer worry about having to make ends meet while trying to stay 100% focused on writing, recording and touring. Obviously we all dream of doing world tours and rolling in dollar, but you have to take things one step at a time!


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