Face to face with Trails


Guildford quartet Trails have everything what it takes to impress audiences with their sharp rock/punk mixture. Their recent EP ‘Signs’ has created a great buzz and that’s not all: there’s a debut album in the making. Anyway, Trails’ singer and guitarist Sam is telling you all about it himself.

– Your EP ‘Signs’ has been out for a while. How has the response to it been so far?

– The reaction from fans has been great, some really kind words said, and it’s been interesting that everyone seems to have their own favourite, there’s no overall winner which is nice. The odd blog has not appreciated the variety encompassed in one release, citing a lack of focus, but you know, that’s to be expected when you do what we do! The overall response has been positive.

– What was the main inspiration behind this EP?

– Both musically and lyrically there’s a broad spectrum of inspirations. Musically we’re into everything from Mars Volta to Propagandhi, Mastadon to The Wonder Years to Bjork. Lyrically the EP encompasses social, political, environmental, religious and personal issues.

– There’s a version of ‘Signs’ on 10’’ vinyl. What has prompted you to release it on vinyl together with Signsother formats? How did you like bringing together the old school vinyl vibe with the contemporary digital one?

– Yea we released the new EP on 10” transparent haze vinyl with black swirls, and double-sided folded sleeve with artwork, lyrics and liner notes. With people tending to expect digital music for free, you need to give them something that’s awesome if they’re going to buy anything physical. I love the vinyl format, and we’re really happy with how they’ve come out!

– You’re working at some new material now, aren’t you? How’s it shaping so far? Are you going to introduce any changes to your sound?

– Yea we’re working towards an album at the moment. It’s hard to have perspective on it when your engrossed in the writing process, but it’s definitely going well! The aim for the album is to include all areas of sound that we’ve explored previously in a cohesive manner, whilst continually rocking fanatically!

– How are your songs usually born and shaped – from the very beginning to the final stages?

– Our songs start as an idea that one of us has written. We then demo it and work on the structure. Once we’re fairly happy with it, we’ll take it to the rehearsal room and jam it out. At this stage we’ll write the vocals for it. Once that’s done the final structure/version of the song will tend to work itself out.

– Have you got any special traditions or habits before going on the stage?

– James will seek to calamitously break everything in sight, Adam will look to drive our van into the nearest wall, Will will drink relentlessly, and I will of course be the sensible one watching the madness unfold (!).

– What’s the most memorable festival performance you’ve ever seen?

– Capdown at Reading Lockup was always good – huge circle pits round the sound desk, Rage ’08 was an amazing moment, but unfortunately ‘remember’ is a vague term there!

– What are your favourite summer songs/albums?

– The new Skints album is a summer winner. Mad Caddies are a classic.

– What can listeners expect from Trails during the remaining months of 2013?

– Smashing out the writing and recording of our debut album, and hopefully doing some further touring before the year is out!

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