Getting to know /// The Bora

The Bora
Fresh and powerful-sounding just like the wind they’re named after, London-based act The Bora are a new exciting name on the UK scene. After releasing their debut EP ‘Midnight’ The Bora got into the public eye and caught the attention of radio stations in the UK. The year 2013 is promising to be a busier and even bigger year for The Bora. Take a moment to get to know them a bit better.
– How would you introduce The Bora to listeners?
– Three guys who love playing music live and loud. The Bora is the wild northwesterly wind that can be found in Croatia and the Adriatic coast.
– What’s your band’s main music philosophy?
– “Play it fuckin’ loud!”
― Bob Dylan
– What’s your approach towards live shows?
– If we can win the crowd over and have people who have never heard of us or seen us play come up to us at the end of a show and say they liked it and want to download our music etc then job done. We love playing live, it’s so exciting and this summer we hope to play a lot of shows in UK and some in mainland Europe.
– Who are your main music influences? Have you got any guilty pleasures in music?
– We like loads of bands including The Ataris, Saosin, A Day To Remember, Young Guns, Sick Puppies. Guilty pleasures: McFly
– What’s The Bora’s biggest ambition in music?
– To do this full-time for a living and spend all our time writing/recording music and playing shows all over the world.

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