Independent outlook /// Mr Shiraz ‘Mr Shiraz’ [Album] 2013

Mr. Shiraz

Music is all about great fun and having the time of your life, as long as it’s good music, of course. Being able to rock at the top gear without burning out for songs on end is one of Mr Shiraz‘s primary merits and they do make some really good music. The collective’s self-titled album released in February 2013 is full of energy, intensity and can get you rocking out to it in no time at all.

The secret of Mr Shiraz lies in the vortex of music that comes crashing down on you from your loudspeakers non-stop. A massive mash-up of rock, metal, hardcore, funk and punk boils and swirls like energetic, relentless volcanic lava. Performed nonchalantly and with great passion, this sound is like the rocket to the Moon. Zealous energy is the icing on the cake of the album, its heart and soul: Mr Shiraz just rock without looking back and if there’s no tomorrow. Seemingly chaotic at first, the fusion of instruments in reality forms intelligent, intricate structures – a ball of riffs, beats, lines, passages, bridges that shine bright in their unpredictable twists. ‘Built In Sin’ is as suitable for opening an album as a song can possibly be. Mr Shiraz make the statement of their serious intentions straight away so that listeners know what to expect from the following 10 tracks in terms of energy and fervour and the band do keep their word for the rest of the album. ‘Spy 49’ reveals a funkier, upbeat side of Mr Shiraz while ‘Generations’ is a raw punky affair and ‘Elephant’ treads its path in heavy, mighty steps just like the animal it’s named after. The whole record champions angular, edgy melodies without any blank spots in a frenzy of guitars, bass and drums – a funfair of ardency-infused rock ‘n’ roll.

Mr Shiraz’s offering gathers quite a momentum for the band and as the musicians’ intentions are obviously very serious, they can lead to some serious consequences: think music tops and hearts of listeners conquered.


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