Independent outlook /// Arcane Roots ‘Blood And Chemistry’ [Album] 2013


Arcane Roots like doing things in their own way. When in 2012 the band released an 8-track record ‘Left Fire’, they called it an EP. Their unique approach to making music was already demonstrated on that release: Arcane Roots didn’t want to put out a proper full-length first thing in their career and at the same time had no wish to release a standard 5-track EP. So, they went for the golden middle then. When the time was ripe for a debut full-length, Arcane Roots wasted no time: ‘Blood & Chemistry’ came out at the beginning of May 2013.

Once you hit the play button to begin your acquaintance with ‘Blood & Chemistry’, you’re immediately transferred into the Arcane Roots universe. Or I should rather say, you dive into it headlong as ‘Blood & Chemistry’ instantly knocks your socks off with its strong, sensational sound revolving around artfully crafted sophisticated song structures and multiple layers. From transparent tranquillity to fiery explosiveness and back will these gentlemen take you on ‘Blood & Chemistry’ and this music journey will be one of the most unpredictable you’re ever likely to experience. Having experimented with such a great music diversity on ‘Left Fire’, Arcane Roots are taking it to a new level on the debut full-length – a higher and more impressive one, led by progressive thought and great enthusiasm.

‘Energy Is Never Lost, Just Redirected’ evolves from a serene opening into an explosion of riffs and ‘Second Breath’ goes the other way from might to calmness and then back again. There’s a great contrast between slow-burning numbers like ‘Belief’ – an intense, heart-felt ballad and ‘Held Like Kites’ which is a ballad of a different sort – fragile and delicate. Upbeat ‘Sacred Shapes’ can’t stand still in its animated motion full of life and loud, assertive ‘Triptych’ is a crazy carnival of guitars, drums and bass – a blasting, expressive track. The diversity of ‘Blood & Chemistry’ also clearly shows in the vocals that range from soft clean singing to aggressive shouting, all performed with equal talent.

The atmosphere on ‘Blood & Chemistry’ is the icing on the cake of this album – it’s such an organic blend of melodies powerful, catchy, eerie, upbeat and harsh, that your moods will be undergoing similar changes from meditative thoughtfulness to the emotions of highest intensity. Greatly saturated and not repetitive in a single moment, the album shows the band’s desire to say as much as they possibly can on one album only. ‘Blood & Chemistry’ is a heartbeat with a soul, buzzing with passion, wit and intelligence.

As explained by Arcane Roots in one of the interviews, the title ‘Blood & Chemistry’ shows the opposites of warm, alive blood and cold, rational chemistry. But there’s another meaning to chemistry which means brotherhood. This is exactly what can be found on the album: brotherhood and great musicianship – something totally remarkable that fills the record with its very own charismatic character. Crafting such a harmoniously diverse album is not an easy thing to do, but Arcane Roots know their art. The band have recorded a beast of a debut containing a lot of music treasures to feast your ears on.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Arcane Roots ‘Blood And Chemistry’ [Album] 2013”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Once again, amazing review! What an album! So unique and full of a pure music art. Love it!

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