Independent outlook /// Frantic Alice ‘Frantic Alice’ [EP] 2013

Frantic Alice

Milton Keynes party Frantic Alice don’t do things half-heartedly: when they rock, they do it really hard. The finalists of 2012’s Marshall Ultimate Band Contest and one of the most exciting live bands to watch in the area, Frantic Alice are yet a young, but already a very confident band. Their eponymous EP does exactly what it’s supposed to do: it rocks hard.

This six-track offering enters by kicking out the front door with a loud bang and none the less. Ever since Frantic Alice are in for a riot of rebellious, raging tunes with cutting edges of immense sharpness. Moving at the speed of light with an unpolished flavour, like ‘Misses Memories’ or ‘Tear Me Down’ do, these songs are not alien to their melodious sides either, which are distinctly showcased on ‘Memories’ or ‘So In Love’. Though fond of raw and speedy, borderlining with punk patterns, Frantic Alice throw in quite a few anthemic nods: empowered, huge hooks of ‘I Feel Nothing’ or ‘How To Be’ will make you want to sing along and rock out as if the world were to end the next day. Nifty, smashing, blistering guitar riffs are built upon fiery licks raising at their hottest moments to high-pitch howling and artful, mind-blowing guitar solos popping up here and there are sure to finally win your heart if you somehow managed to stay cold beforehand.

Fuelled by great passion, ‘Frantic Alice EP’ has this special sparkle, a gleam in the heart of the record, that makes it radiant with confidence and appeal. Frantic Alice know their art well and will give you no chances of escaping the spell of their ardent character.

One Response to “Independent outlook /// Frantic Alice ‘Frantic Alice’ [EP] 2013”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Loving the guitar riffs! Loving the sound! Something to let your hair down with for sure 😉

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