Independent outlook /// Cautioners ‘Conditional Identity’ [EP] 2013


When a band gain massive online following prior to the release of their debut EP and without having played even one live show, it does mean something. In case of Bristol-based Cautioners it means that the band are so good that audiences don’t need much to understand how talented the three-piece are. The band’s debut EP ‘Conditional Identity’ was released on 10th June, just four days before Cautioners’ maiden live show in Bristol.

‘Conditional Identity’ makes a confident step which can’t fail to push the band further into the embrace of wider audiences in the UK. The six tracks comprising the EP are all about contrast and polars as well as intricate instrumentation and tight musicianship. Cautioners toy with transitions from mellow, almost stripped-back passages into explosive frenzy of riffs and do it so easily and artfully, that these dramatic switches sound the most natural thing on Earth.

Smooth and gradual accumulations of intensity like in ‘Man Of Science’ or ‘The Build Up’ where the band start hinting at the storm when it’s still calm sit next to abrupt explosions of ‘Staging Area’ happening with a guitar gear up or ‘Iteration V’ where cymbals give crystally clear air to the guitar rage. Divine melodies of ‘Petrichor’ and ‘Off Piste’ are relaxed and laid-back with shimmering flavour and a sense of transparent tranquility.

Cautioners prefer to pen songs as dramatically polaras black and white: if it is a quiet melody, then it is delicate, fragile, very light and divine. On the other hand, when it is an explosion, all instruments join forces to deliver the loudest and most intense carnival possible. But no matter if Cautioners take you through a fresh day, or darkened night, serene vocals will be an ultimate guiding light in any case.

There is no middle route for Cautioners, thus they easily deliver a very confident performance which will leave you marvelling at the fact that ‘Conditional Identity’ is their debut EP only: it’s absolutely mesmerising.


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