Track by track /// The Trade ‘Fu-Go’ [Album] 2013

The Trade

Scottish rockers The Trade are introducing their latest release ‘Fu-Go’.

Photo credit: Graeme McInnes

The first thing worth pointing out in our songs is that we try to stay away from making our meanings too obvious. This leaves them open to interpretation and lets a wider audience enjoy a track thinking what they like about the lyrics other than the what the ‘real’ reason for writing could be.


Main inspiration for the song: Nice and simply – Amsterdam!

Main message of the song: There’s no message on this one. It’s just outlining the experiences of a visit and mentions a lot of the main sights and sounds.

How was the song born: One crazy ass trip to the Dam!

Any stories connected with the song: Unfortunately I canna tell you those! But they were DAMN funny!!!

The most appealing trait of the song: For me it’s the middle 8 as it is a little trippy…………….obviously done to emphasise a point….. 😉

‘The Fall’

Main inspiration for the song: This song is about a person who can do no wrong in their own mind and takes a tumble, but cannot face up to it.

Main message of the song: Better to be humble!

How was the song born: An event I was witness to and have helped someone through.

The most appealing trait of the song: The Upbeat bouncing choruses that are a total contradiction to the point of the lyrics!

 Missing Out’

Main inspiration for the song: This is about life and giving yourself a kick up the arse to enjoy it

Main message of the song: Enjoy life

How was the song born: I see loads of people abiding by the rules and binding themselves with the statement ‘Oh I’d LOVE to do that!’.  I say DO IT THEN!! This is the get up and get on it anthem!

Any stories connected with the song: Millions! And everyone must have their own stories on this subject too!

The most appealing trait of the song: Love singing the 2nd half of the song! Its jumping and gives the real feeling that there is only 1 option and that’s to GET ON WITH LIFE!

‘Big Chunk O’ Crackleback’

Main inspiration for the song: This has a similar meaning to ‘Missing Out’, but it is more aimed at telling folk who are holding you back to feck aff so you can get on with what you want to.

How was the song born: The was born from a killer guitar riff that just fire the lyrics straight into my head inside 4 minutes!!!

Any stories connected with the song: The name was from one of those daft moments directly after we jammed the song, (cos that’s what it was initially) where a noise came from an amp, then the statement ‘THAT was a Big Chunk O’ Crackleback’ followed and we all cracked up. Had to be there moment!! 😉

The most appealing trait of the song: Definitely the riff!

‘Beauty and the Beast’

Main inspiration for the song: Contradictions

Main message of the song: Life’s full of contradictions. Who is right and who is wrong? Who decides?

How was the song born: Lyrically, it was something I was thinking of as a song concept for a while. Then I waited for a good guitar part to choose these lyrics. The rest of the lyrics came out after that.

Any stories connected with the song: In every man’s life, at least one thing mentioned in this song will have happened. I can’t note down my stories, that would ruin it!

The most appealing trait of the song: For me it’s the bass runs. But the dynamics in this song really make it… lots of building and exploding. Just like confusing feelings!

‘I Want What You Want’

Main inspiration for the song: Jealousy and wanting

Main message of the song: I WANT WHAT YOU WANT!

How was the song born: Kinda like the inspiration, it was meant to create the image of angst and I was trying to through doubt on normality. It was a wee challenge of mine.

The most appealing trait of the song: It Raw. That’s a good thing! It’s raw music and lyrics that kinda makes you screw up your face and say F**K YE!!


Main inspiration for the song: Folk taking Sound engineers for granted

Main message of the song: If it was not for sound engineers the acts would be screwed! They deserve respect! It’s the most literal song I have ever written. And NO I’m not a sound engineer!

How was the song born: So many time I’ve seen sound engineers getting abuse and treated like shit. Lots of gobsh**e bands thinking that engineers are their salves! Just pissed me off too many times!

Any stories connected with the song: Loads. One more than others………….we were the last band on and there were 4 before us. The 1st two bands sounded great. The 3rdsounded great too, but for some reason the front man was just being a d**k. Kept stopping the songs and complaining. Making out that they were great and pointing blame at the engineer! The fact is they were average at best and the sound eng was doing the THANKLESS job of making them sound good…..

The most appealing trait of the song: It’s moody and if you let it, it takes you away with it……………

‘Lie Like You Wanna Lie’

Main inspiration for the song: Being free to do what you wanna do.

Main message of the song: Don’t be held back. No matter how many obstacles there are, there is a way around them.

How was the song born: Trying to find an escape to lighten the load and allow yourself to feel better about yourself before you lose the plot completely.

The most appealing trait of the song: It’s a pacey song with forces you to keep listening. It’s almost got a bluesy drive about it. Good for EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO! 😉

‘Daddies Twisted’

Main inspiration for the song: Contradictions again. Just tried to write something that was made up!

Main message of the song: People lie…………………that’s it!

How was the song born: Liam’s ace eerie wee guitar riff set me off to write a dark song….then the guys made it atmospheric and huge!

Any stories connected with the song: Everyone’s been told someone things they are better than then in some way shape or form. Its only true if you believe it.

The most appealing trait of the song: The HUGE sound of it.


Main inspiration for the song: If something’s worth waiting on, then wait

How was the song born: Lots of years of thinking and looking at how situations could have been different and finding your own situations turn out well if you let them. Then it changes to add another dimension to the thought process……. Cos sometimes folk just get shafted. Simple as! Then ya just deal with it!

The most appealing trait of the song: The drums in this tune changed it to give it a new dynamic that was not there initially! Love it!

‘Lady Get Over You’

Main inspiration for the song: Men always being the bad ones in relationships. That’s not always true.

Main message of the song: 2 sides to every story

How was the song born: Experiences and friends experiences

The most appealing trait of the song: It’s just a cool wee tune that says what it needs to and no more!


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