Beat Film Festival /// David Bowie – Five Years

Beat Film FestivalThere are years in careers of musicians that are crucial for the formation of a certain performer as an artist. This evolution takes place step by step, never stands still and moves further in constant flow of inspiration.

According to director Francis Whately in David Bowie’s career these crucial years – five all in all – fell at 1971, 1975, 1977, 1980 and 1983 when such Bowie classics as ‘Ziggy Stardust’, ‘Young Americans’, ‘Fame’, ‘Fashion’ or ‘Let’s Dance’ were released. In the new documentary ‘David Bowie – Five Years’, Mr. Whately takes music lovers on an exciting journey back in time to these important years in Bowie’s artistic career. On 7th June the film was premiered and presented by the director himself in Moscow at the annual Beat Film Festival.

Archive footage of live performances, backstage videos, snippets of old interviews with David Bowie and stories from people who worked side by side with the artist are put together in a vivid, dynamic narrative full of music and David Bowie’s magic. Bowie performing in front of a couple of people and his wife Angie only or  for packed arenas, Bowie in a suit or an outrageous costume, backstage, travelling, doing David Bowie Five Yearsinterviews – he’s always been a star, a confident performer playing by his own rules only. Claiming that on stage he’s an actor, not a rock star, Bowie confirms he’s much more than a musician alone. The man, who easily chucked together music, theatre, pantomime and spiced it all up by bold, flamboyant images, simply couldn’t stay away from the public eye for a long time.

Whately’s film shows the change from outer space Ziggy Stardust and sci-fi melodies to a suit-clad gentlemen talking about ‘Fashion’ with a touch of soul. Diverse, unexpectedly spontaneous and absolute perfectionist, Bowie has always been a mystery for everyone, but, as you remember, the man is an actor, or rather THE actor, who’s never fully opened his heart and soul in front of his audience and has always been the only one knowing for sure who the real Bowie is.

David Bowie is the kind of performer who’s always been pushing the boundaries and doing what at first sight seems impossible. Always different and looking for ideas on the side where most don’t even dare to look, Bowie is a unique artist and Francis Whately perfectly showed the uniqueness of this extraordinary man.

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