Beat Film Festival /// The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling

Beat Film FestivalMusic fans like getting their hands on something very old and thus historically valuable. Directed by Peter Whitehead, the first ever documentary about The Rolling Stones ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ is this kind of valuable item to feast your eyes and minds on. It was originally filmed in 1965 in Dublin and Belfast during the band’s second tour there and finished in the spring of 1966. The film was premiered at the Mannheim Film Festival in October 1966, but due to a lot of reasons was never officially and fully released. However, almost 50 years later ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ returns re-mastered on world screens. In Moscow the documentary was shown at Beat Film Festival on 8th June.

Capturing The Rolling Stones in 1965 on their trip from London to play shows in Dublin and Belfast and then back to the English capital, ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ is a black-and-white film revolving around The Stones’ live performances, short interviews with the musicians, opinions from fans and a lot of backstage footage. Full of humour and nonchalance of the young Stones, the documentary is a great chance to join the band at Charlie-Is-My-Darling-Posterthe beginning of their long road to success only three years after their formation. Young though they were in years then, by the way The Stones presented themselves to public it was crystal clear that the band already were a great phenomenon, the mighty force on the music scene. Confident and relaxed, funny when possible and serious when needs be, The Rolling Stones were real stars from the start.

‘Charlie Is My Darling’ offers a lot of opportunities to look behind the scenes and get closer to The Rolling Stones of 1965, to join them on their way to Ireland and back, see them jamming backstage, having the time of their lives and even escaping some horrible accidents when fans dashed onstage during one of the shows so that the band had to be evacuated. Interesting, isn’t it? Indeed! But above all, this documentary is a time machine that takes you almost 50 years back in time to the roots of one of the greatest bands in the world, which in itself is absolutely priceless.


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