Featured song /// Friday Club ‘All I Wanna Do Is’

Friday Club

Birmingham-based collective Friday Club belong to one of the most hard-working bands of the circuit. This hard work pays off generously though: enthusiastic, charmed crowds at the band’s live shows and great attention to their music online – Friday Club are making quite a lot of waves indeed!

Friday Club’s newest single ‘All I Wanna Do Is’ (released 24th June) has everything to make you have the time of your life to it. Giving away merriness in great amounts, ‘All I Wanna Do Is’ behaves in an upbeat, easy-going manner and nonchalantly, without too much painstaking brings bucketfuls of fun into your life. A blend of guitars, bass and drums creates an organic and harmonious power – the one to be reckoned with indeed – enlightened by clear ringing sounds and exuberant feel. But what fuels the song most is its light heart teeming with joy and carefree attitude sharpened by a touch of rebellion, so Friday Club are giving you an ultimate, personal mood booster.

Having inflated ‘All I Wanna Do Is’ with zealous spirit, Friday Club transferred their live energy into studio environment and thus created the rock song with distinct soul and attitude.


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