Featured song /// Soul Saboteur ‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’

Soul Saboteur by Manchester Sounds

Following some serious line-up changes, Manchester-based outfit Soul Saboteur strike with their new single ‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’ set for release on 23rd July. However, wait… It would be more correct to say that Soul Saboteur embrace and enchant listeners to the state of euphoria with this new single as their new ballad is a fine example of a heart-felt blues song touching on the most secret strings of people’s hearts.

Leisurely melody unveils gracefully with emotional guitars – a stunning mingle of acoustic and lead ones  – and soft, but confident rhythm section. Soulful vocals courtesy of James Stone overflow with the most sincere emotions and feelings leaving listeners no chance of remaining untouched. ‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’ is a great, emotive ballad crafted masterfully and exquisitely with elegance and genuineness of real music.


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