Featured song /// Our Tomorrow ‘The Last Time’

Our Tomorrow

They are young, but have already caused quite a stir around Wales with their relentless energy. Let me introduce, Our Tomorrow

Having formed in mid 2010, Our Tomorrow wasted no time in taking live circuit by storm and moving forward only in leaps. The band’s single ‘The Last Time’ was produced by Gethin Pearson and recorded at the famous Monnow Valley Studio in Wales.

To put it shortly, ‘The Last Time’ is a music blast of off-scale might. Huge from the beginning to the end, the track boasts the levels of energy that can light up the whole of Wales and far beyond. Anthemic choruses hit hard and rock your boat mercilessly making you sway and sing along until your voice gives up. Thick riffs form massive melodies that  crash up on you in tsunami waves and carry you away to fully enjoy this new music wonder from Wales.

With no record label behind them, Our Tomorrow have progressed immensely since their formation. Combining hard work together with the sound that speaks for them eloquently, the band have the best trump cards a music collective can possibly have, so definitely it’s not the last time you hear about them.

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