Getting to know /// Cassels

Consisting of two brothers Jim and Loz, London-based Cassels make enough quality noise to impress you with a fiery mixture of indie, rock, grunge and punk. Or, in other words, basement music. Curious what on Earth is basement music? Read on to the band’s introduction in their own words.
– How did Cassels come about as a band?
– We started off just bashing out some tunes in our bedroom when we got bored as kids and over the years the sound naturally developed into something which actually sounded half descent so we decided to start taking it seriously.
– You call your genre ‘basement music’. Why did you choose this particular description for your music? What can this term tell listeners about it?
– Half of it was just wanting to avoid the cliches that come with every genre like if you call yourselves ‘Rock’ or ‘Punk’, which arguably we are, everybody has their own definition of what they think a certain genre is and this might not necessarily apply to us. Mostly though it was just how someone I worked with described our music and I thought it had a bit of a ring to it.
– What bands have been your biggest inspirations and influences?
– It’s hard to really pinpoint what has influenced our sound the most as the music has evolved over so many years and so has incorporated our changing tastes along the way. Some of our favourite bands are The Jesus and Mary Chain (the coolest band on the history of rock and roll in my opinion), Graham Coxon, The Stooges, Rage Against The Machine, and Black Sabbath to name just a few though.
– Cassels are a band of two brothers. What is it like to be in a band with your brother?
– At times it can be a little testing as we both know how to really piss each other off but 90% of the time we get on really well. After playing together for years it’s now just second nature which makes writing and gigging so much easier.
– What’s the most appealing trait of your live shows, as you see it?
– Maybe just how noisy we are for a two piece? But I don’t know, its hard to tell when it’s you playing. You’re better off just coming to see us for yourself.
– Ideally, what would you like to achieve with Cassels?
– Just play as much as we can and get heard by as many people as possible. In the long-term hopefully people like it and we can make music our careers, we kind of suck at everything else.

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