Getting to know /// Albion

Ipswich-based Albion play hardcore punk as it should be: bold, rebellious, in-your-face. Let them introduce themselves.
– What was the beginning of Albion as a band?

– We began in February 2012, having all went to the same high school and have been friends for 5 years, but playing music has certainly brought us closer as a group. We just got talking about music at a friend’s birthday party and how much we’d love to make our own and just jam as a group. Things just escalated from there and a year on we have, what we like to think, as a decent body of work to show for our efforts.

– What would you like to be written on the poster introducing Albion to the world?

– I’ll pick a quote from one of our fans: “Whatever happened to the Spirit of ’76?… It’s RIGHT HERE”

– Your album ‘Cradle To The Grave’ is out. What, in your opinion, is the most appealing trait of this album?

– The most appealing traits of our album would be the aggressive guitars and thundering drums which provide a constant drive throughout all our songs.

– How did the recordings of the album go?

– Recordings for the album went well. We spent 6 days in the studio in total, 3 in March and 3 in May. We had recently changed from the studio we had previously been using and had a lot of fun using the more modern equipment TimeShift Studios provided us with and believe the sound/production quality of ‘Cradle to the Grave’ is superior to that of our first EP.

– What’s your approach towards Albion’s live shows?

– Our approach to live shows is to firstly ensure we give our audience a good performance and make certain we give a good impression. Secondly we try to settle our nerves! But usually the nerves disappear within 30 seconds of the first song. Generally we just want to have a good time with people we know and recognise and with new faces who we hope will enjoy our music, there’s nothing better than having a group of people moving to your music in unity.

– What’s your biggest ambition concerning Albion?

– Albion’s biggest ambition is to certainly play more and more live shows. Especially further afield from our local area of Ipswich, Suffolk. Gigging is definitely what we’re concentrating on in order to gain more experience, so if anyone out there reading this likes our stuff and knows a venue that maybe like to have us play hit us up on our email or  Also we have plans to release another CD end of Autumn/Christmas time, as well as a music video due out end of summer for one of the songs on ‘Cradle to the Grave’ but we’re not telling which one that’s a surprise!


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