Face to face with Falling With Style

Falling With Style

Welsh post-hardcore outfit Falling Wth Style have had a busy couple of weeks recently: playing Download and an ultimately successful EP launch in Cardiff followed by the release of the EP ‘This Hell You Call Home’ itself. A six-track offering presents a bunch of powerful, stormy melodies  that create unrestricted buzz and animation in your personal space as sitting still with these tunes banging out from your loudspeakers would be a crime.  Falling With Style’s very own Lucas (vocals) and Scott (guitar) share their impression from Download, talk about the EP and making music.

– ‘This Hell You Call Home’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Todd Campbell. What was the experience of working with him like?
Scott: Working with Todd is brilliant, because he’s been producing our stuff for the past 2 years, so he knows our sound and us as people really well. We get on with him really well too, mostly because we have the same sense of humour which makes studio time that much more fun. Also very surreal to see his dad Phil (of Motorhead) pop in every now and again!

– How did you get to collaborate with Brendan Murphy on ‘Old Ghosts’?
Scott: Counterparts are definitely one of my favourite bands, so when I saw that they were asking for a place to stay in the Cardiff area during their tour with Your Demise I sent them a message straight away. After the band stayed at my house for 3 days they kept in contact with me via twitter and luckily for us, when we asked Brendan to do some guest vocals for us he was more than happy to do so. Brendan is one of the best vocalists in the hardcore scene right now and we are truly honoured to have him on the track!

– If you had a chance to collaborate with any musician in the world, who would you like to work with?
Scott: Me personally, it would be Josh Farro (ex Paramore). He’s an incredible guitarist and an even better song writer, so if I could write a song with him it would make my life.

– How have Falling With Style evolved as a band since the release of your previous EP ‘Tides’?
Lucas: Our Tides EP was about hunting down the sound we wanted… This Hell You Call Home was about perfecting it. The choruses are catchier, the breakdowns are heavier, and so on and so forth. Every ingredient we had in Tides, we pushed to the absolute limit. Taking the simplicity, technicality, brutality and flat out catchiness that we originally had and just pushing it to the extreme!

– Recently you’ve played the mighty Download! How was it – to play such a huge and renowned festival? What was the most memorable part of playing Download?
Lucas: We can honestly say it was the best weekend of our lives. A band from our area and of our size playing a festival as prestigious as Download is truly unheard of, so we loved every second of it! Looking back on it now just feels like a blur, but hearing the crowd singing Contingency back to us was definitely a highlight along with meeting our favourite bands like A Day To Remember & Parkway Drive. It was just a brilliant experience.

– Did you have a chance to watch any performances at Download? Who impressed you most of all?
Lucas: Yep! As we played the Sunday, both Friday & Saturday were days spent watching all the other bands. Every member of us would give different answers but two of my favourite acts were fellow Welsh bands Straight Lines and Astroid Boyz who both played amazing sets. We also managed to catch nearly all the other bands who got through the competition with us and they all definitely proved how worthy they were of their slots! Aside from that, I speak for all of us when I say A Day To Remember were amazing!

– Apart from playing Download, what’s been the most surreal and memorable experience for Falling With Style?
Lucas: The week we played Download was undeniably the best of our lives… 4 days after Download we played our EP launch at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach and were overwhelmed to see a packed out room of people singing and jumping along to songs we hadn’t even released! It was so surreal… Countless mosh pits, dozens of crowd surfers and even a human pyramid later, we can definitely say that gig was a close second to Download fest!

– Your sound carries the band’s own strong identity. How was this sound born? How did you develop it?
Lucas: We discovered our ‘sound’ in our drummers bedroom one afternoon.. We started jamming a song that soon became ‘Reckless’ and from then on in we just kept doing what we did then. After a year of honing our craft and also taking influence from other bands in our mish-mash genre (Funeral For A Friend, Silverstein, Thrice, Alexisonfire, Fightstar, A Day To Remember, Underoath) we write our stuff very easily these days!

– At what point in your life and how did you understand that you want to make music?
Scott: I discovered I wanted to make music after joining this band actually. My mum taught me how to play guitar, and after becoming quite confident I met the lads and we started a band for the hell of it, but it ended up being one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and made me realise that this is all I ever want to do.

– What are Falling With Style’s plans for the nearest future?
Lucas: Our plans are to just keep doing what we love really… Since day 1 we’ve just produced music and enjoyed ourselves, and if it’s gotten us as far as Download festival, surely we should just keep at it! Even if the road for us ends tomorrow, we’ve loved every second of it… However I don’t see that happening for a very long time, if at all!


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