Independent outlook /// Gold Skies Ahead ‘Bremerton’ [EP] 2013

Gold Skies Ahead1

Gold Skies Ahead boast a strong reputation of a dynamic, fresh-sounding band bringing fiery diversity to the UK scene. The release of their debut EP back in 2012 and heavy touring helped Bedfordshire quintet build a loyal following and create quite a stir in music circles. July 2013 sees the release of Gold Skies Ahead’s sophomore EP ‘Bremerton’ produced by pop-punk maestro Mike Herrera and it’s a new massive strike from the ambitious collective.

‘Bremerton’ is as alive and kicking an EP as many pop-punks acts don’t even dream of recording. However, labelling Gold Skies Ahead as pop-punk alone won’t do them enough justice. Crisp, speed-of-light melodies built upon reckless guitars, unending droning bass and furious drumming are freshened up by electronics which subtly, unobtrusively, but efficiently and noticeably make the sound edgy and exuberant.

‘Bremerton’ dashes into your life with the sound of rain opening ‘It’s Always Rainy In Seattle’, but this serenity is soon destroyed by towers of riffs rising high and aiming to the skies. These crushing riffs will then be mounting in all the five tracks of the record at a neckbreaking speed, which slows down only once – for a beautiful, heartbroken ballad ‘Crying’ graced by sombre piano. Once you dry your tears, Gold Skies Ahead will snatch you back into their whirlwind, taking no prisoners.

Great levels of sincerity and gusto are present on ‘Bremerton’ in generous doses. On the EP Gold Skies Ahead are absolutely on fire and their burning passion is overwhelming, appealing and totally infectious. Being as animated as it is, ‘Bremerton’ is a must if you like your music dynamic and fresh.


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