Face to face with Whales In Cubicles


London-based Whales In Cubicles have that kind of sound which will make you scream with pleasure when you hear it because it’s official: this great kind of rock music exists. Soaring melodies are performed on the verge of intensity and simply can’t leave you indifferent. June saw the release of the band’s newest single ‘Disappear’ and to make things even better, there’s a full-length album in the making. Whales In Cubicles’ singer Stef Bernardi talks to Rock Britain about it all.

– Recently you’ve released your newest single ‘Disappear’. How was the song born? What were the main sources on inspiration for it?

– It was a riff I had been playing with for a while but had no words for. Now that I think of it Lana Del Rey was the inspiration for it. you know, big fake lips and eye lashes.

– You also mentioned that the release of your full-length album is around the end of the year. What was the way of the album from the initial decision to record it to its final version?

– We didn’t go in with a precise idea of how we were gonna do it, I mean you make plans but then you deal with the space and the vibe of the studio. All that stuff affects it. There’s a huge room with glass walls all around it. We used that for a lot of feedback noise which will feature prominently on the record.

– Now when the record is almost ready to make its appearance to the public, how would you introduce it to people?

– This is a collection of random ideas spanning over a period of three years that may or may not resonate with how you feel about the world.

– What did you enjoy most of all about working at the studio?

– Just recording. If I had my way I’d be in a studio 5 days a week, with mics setup all over the place so I could capture whatever idea comes to me. It’s nice to dream sometimes.

– Debut albums are something special indeed. What is your personal most favourite debut album of all times?

– Probably #1 Big Star. It’s madly good under all aspects. Song selection, guitar work, drum sound, arrangements, vocals. Mad good.

– What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever been to?

– I once saw Dead Brains play a homeshow in D.C. I survived it somehow.

– Whales In Cubicles take the name from Andrew Bird’s song ‘Plasticities’. What role did the song play for you that you decided to take the name for the band from its lyrics?

I guess it has the same impact on the sound of our band as Radiohead by Talking Heads had on Radiohead (the band)
I like the song. But it didn’t play a huge part, neither does his music influence the band. I just liked that line about the whale in a cubicle.

– Which event do you consider to be the starting point, the turning one for Whales In Cubicles?

– I’m not too sure there’s been a turning point yet. The album coming out will probably be it. In all seriousness though, it was the release of ‘We Never Win’.

– Looking back, which event or events do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

– Playing Koko was the best feeling ever. We want to play there again soon.

– Where do you picture Whales In Cubicles in 5 years?

– Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of you asking me this question? Sorry, I have been wanting to use that Mitch Hedberg joke for a long time. Really, in five years time, I’d like to have at least three albums under our belt and to be able to travel around the world playing music.

Catch Whales In Cubicles live on the following dates:

13th August – Bristol, UK – Start The Bus
15th August – Bournemouth, UK – Sixty Million Postcards
16th August – Brighton, UK – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
21st August – Leeds, UK – Oporto
25th August – Manchester, UK – Night & Day (Bank Holiday Special)


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